Sunday, July 31, 2011


The children have recently gotten a family car and after more than a little effort Victor has become accustomed to his carseat ( I know it's like prison but it's the law)!
As the sky was clear blue and the breeze was brisk,it seemed like a perfect time to get out of the city and into the famous Buda Hills!
I am not partial to hills. They force me to walk tilted and they are likely to be nowhere near an ocean, in my experience, which for me is a prime criteria in picking places to go, But we are nothing if not adventurous so off we went to the hills

After discussing this or that unpronounceable possibility we decided to just drive to a place that G suggested for lunch and see if it would work for us. The kids were really good, playing quietly in the prisons, AKA carseats, as we found our destination
Gabrielle got out of the car,with Moe,( did I mention we took the family Havanese, Mosie, with us on this outting?) to make sure the restaurant was open.
As she walked away from the car holding Moe's leash, it was as though 1000 demons from hell decended on us. Miriam was screaming and sobbing and of course that set Victor off. Luck was with us and the restaurant was hosting a private party so Gabi and Moe returned before the kids set off sonar alarms. We were all really surprised at this reaction and guessed Mimi thought she was being left behind and her Mom was going to have all the fun. As Gabi got in the car, Miriam breathed a sigh of relief and with a hugh smile on her face overshadowing the tears, she said Mosie Mosie. It seems her concern was that her puppy might get lost and once she was assured he was his regular goofy self and tucked in at Mommys feet her world became round again!
We then set off for choice number two which I was not so optimistic about after the previous experience. We drove through beautiful woodland and hills dotted with 19th century restored mansions and hunting lodges and kind of turned onto a gravel path that might or might not have allowed cars. The reassuring sighting of a parking sign was all we needed to find a spot and unload and unfold us all out of the car.

A short walk of about 20 yards through a beautiful green glade took us out into a gigantic flat grassy area that was replete with kids exercise equipment. All kinds of slides and climbing nets, even a zip line that some of the Dads were trying out, filled the space. There was even a toy train you could ride on! We dutifully trod the circuit with Moe marking his territory and Mimi doing the same ( Just not in the same way of course) until we realised it was way past lunchtime and we were all hungry.
At the end of the gravel road we found a beautiful country inn with pensiones ( for future reference) and a large traditionally covered outdoor dining area, which coincidentally was right next to the kids playground. Moe settled in under the table to do his dust buster
routine under the Kids chairs and lunch was ordered. I don't want to dwell on food so I'll just say there was a 25 page menu and everything we ordered was delicious and plentiful.

It started to get a little chilly as we were high in the hills, but as every seat was equipped with a fleece throw/shawl we stayed warm and enjoyed the perfect October weather in July. We even had a delicacy for dessert called "Birds Milk with Golden Dumplings".That's worth mentioning because as Miriam is acquiring language skills in English she plays with sounds and one of her favourite recurring phrases is " CHICKEN MILK". Maybe it's not what Mimi had in mind but it was good enough for me.
So at the end of the day, we were full of fresh air and REALLY good food and happy to be together!
Thanks for the memory!

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