Friday, July 22, 2011


It is almost Shabbos and I want to honor that here in a special way. Each day, on every path I take, I am reminded of the martyrs that died Al Kiddush Hashem, in what is now my neighborhood.

I read an article today by Rabbi Simon Jacobson and he said, apropos of an entirely different issue that "Jews redeem the negative not by running away from it or dwelling on it,  but by returning to the same spot where the damage took place - yet this time repairing the damage."

I hope my Shabbos observance in this place that knew so much darkness and fear for so long,can be used now, as a means of bringing light into this world and making it an appropriate place for The Master of the Universe to dwell " B'tochechem" amongst us.

With loving thoughts and blessings for a sweet and peaceful Shabnos to each of you.

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