Monday, July 18, 2011

I found a new route today from my flat to my kids apartment and even though it looked a little hinky due to lots of street repairs happening, I thought I'd see where this path led me.
I passed my new favorite cafe, Spinoza, and saw across from it there was an open gate with
Security guards posted so I immediately knew there was a Jewish component to whatever
Was beyond those gates. No way I wasn't going in there to check it out.

I passed under the banner that I later discovered announced a weekly Sunday market in
the newly renovated area of the old Jewish market called Godzu Udvar. The contrast between the old and beautifully designed eighteenth century buildings and the modern hand crafted jewelry and felted handbags and accessories in primary colors was stark. It measures the distance that this area has traveled since it was home to pushcarts and horse and wagons at the beginning half of the last century when it was new and modern and now when the ghosts of past lives are visible in every reflection and quiet corners that still retain the energy of childrens laughter from long ago.

I also had my first Chimney Cake,up close and personal. Chimney Cake is almost the cultural equivelent of funnel cakes with an equally interesting method of preparation. It's a doughnut like pastry which is wrapped around a thick rolling pin tool and then baked in an oven.( which used to be a chimney that you stuck your rolling pin in ) When it comes out it gets dipped in your choice of vanilla sugar, cocoa powder, coconut or chopped walnuts or any combination of the above. I got mine tucked into a plastic sack to save for later which didn't turn out to be much later at all.

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