Saturday, July 16, 2011

ROUTE 66 ??

One of my most treasured memories is of a family vacation taken in the summer of 1962, when I was 16 years old. My brother Joe,13, my one year old baby sister Cindy, my folks and I all piled into our now classic 57 Chevy,which in 1962 was a risky ride and we headed west.

The road ahead promised excitement, adventure and new experiences in a place I'd only heard about. The name of the magical road that would take us there was the now fabled Route 66.

Every kind of experience could happen here. A revisiting of history, a reconnection with our pioneering spirited ancestors, (well maybe just metaphorically) and the danger inherent in crossing the dessert with 3 kids in an iffy (albeit soon to be classic) car with no air conditioning!

Route 66 held out my first promise of the thrill of travel into the unknown and the promise was fulfilled in adventures from the critter infested cabin in West Virginia to our first view of the Pacific Ocean

Now I'm on my personal Route 66. Having lived more than 65 years the familiar road side is looming just up ahead. And it holds the same promise of adventure and excitement and new experiences that it did all those years ago in that innocent time when all things. Were possible. Maybe they still are. Travel with me and let's see what we find.

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